VTU PLATINUM LODGE offers an authentic experience which caters for all ages and groups. We cater for different type of events such corporate cocktails & events, office lunches, intimate celebrations, family & church events. 
We have 18 rooms which can accommodate 36 people at any given time, a wide variety on our food menu and a bar menu with a comprehensive selection of wines, cocktails, mocktails, and other beverages.


  • Food and Beverage Events
  • End-of-Year Celebrations
  • Christmas luncheons
  • Private Celebrations
  • Breakfast/lunch & dinners
  • Happy Hour
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Honeymoon
  • Engagement Parties
  • Hen Parties
  • Bachelor’s Parties


Full English breakfast
Two grilled beef or pork sausage, bacon, baked beans, tossed mushrooms, Fried Potato
Two eggs to your request, a grilled tomato, fried onions, two slices of plain or toasted bread
Served with tea, coffee or a glass of fresh juice
Sunshine breakfast
One grilled beef or pork sausage, bacon, baked beans, slices of plain or toasted bread
Served with Tea, coffee or a glass of fresh tropical juice

Greek Salad
Fresh Lettuce leafs, Olives, Feta cheese, Tomato cherry & slices
Cucumbers with onion vinaigrette.
Russian Salad
Tossed leaves, carrot, garden peas with mayonnaise
Chicken Caesar Salad
Croutons, olive oil, boneless chicken (julienne),
Lettuce leafs, mixed bell peppers with KWH salsa sauce,

All sandwiches are served plain or toasted bread
Chicken salad Sandwich
Tender poached chicken mixed with mayonnaise with Black pepper
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Tuna mixed with mayonnaise
Tomato & Cheese Sandwich
Toasted sandwich with tomato slices
Lettuce, cheddar cheese
Ham, Bacon & Cheese Sandwich
A juicy filled sandwich of ham, bacon, cheese
Julienne cabbage, tomato, lettuce leafs with mayonnaise

Chicken Drum Sticks
A portion of 3 grilled or fried, chicken drum sticks
With honey & ginger sauce. Served with a fresh garden salad.
De –Boned Beef Ribs
With a plum dressing, sweet potato cubes and tomato atchar
Mixed Homemade Samosa
A serving of 4 pieces of vegetable and beef dressed with cumin powder, onion chopped, minced beef,
Garlic, carrot finely diced curry powder, green chillies chopped black pepper& salt,
With Salsa Sauce.
Pappardelle with sausage and capsicum
Fancy pasta served with capsicum sauce with a crispy beef sausage sliced
sprinkled with cheddar cheese

Honey, lemon & ginger sticky chicken
With potato fondant & a miso, mayo cucumber & carrot salad
Full Kariba bream
With potato fondant & lemon, butter, garlic & caper fennel sauce
Beef fillet or T-bone streak
With confit garlic & mustard hollandaise
Served with fresh greens & potato fondant
VTU signature Burger
Grilled handmade beef patty topped with, tomato slices, onion,
Chopped finely cabbage & mayonnaise,
Served with French fries or potato fondant and a side salad
The Double Master Burger
2 Grilled handmade beef and Pork patty topped with, tomato slices,
Onion, Cheddar cheese chopped finely cabbage & mayonnaise,
Served with French fries or potato fondant and salad and salad a side
Honey Glazed BBQ Pork
A tasty 200g slab of pork delight dressed in America BBQ sauce and honey glaze
Served with Chips or potatoes fondants
Vegetable curryMixed vegetables, cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cream, and spices Served over rice

Sticky Carrot Cake
With lime cream cheese frosting, Amarula custard
& rum stewed Cajun pineapple
Cream caramel
Served with it caramelized sauce
Marble cake
Piece of marble cake with chocolate sauce
Duo of Ice cream
2 scoop, Choice of your flavour from
Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate,
Chocolate muffin cups cake
Moist muffin topped with whipped chocolate
Milk tart Pannacotta
With a cashew crumb pineapple curd, frozen berries, caramel & honeycomb
Toffee apple fridge cheesecake
With naartjie & cinnamon jelly served with caramel sauce
French chocolate ganache
With fresh strawberries and fresh cream s

Food Gallery

Harissa Dusted Salmon
With zucchini, curry & coconut samosa & passion fruit hollandaise
Double chicken consommé
with soba noodles or pasta with chopped mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
Brown honey glazy base gravy served with rice and a side salad

Alcoholic Cocktails

Indian Ocean Capitan

Captain Morgan gold spice, mainstay, crashed ice and orange juice

Cognac Blesser Martini
Viceroy, triple sel, lemon juice with a scoop of ice

Continental Jagermeister Bam
jagermeister, Red grape juice with a scoop of ice


 Blue Lagoon

Vodka, Bacardi rum, blue curacao, Lemonade and soda water


Tarqulia Sunrise

Tarquila, Bacardi rum, grenadine topped with orange juice

Crashed ice, viceroy brandy and a tot of amarulla

Mixture of soda, rum, ice sugar, ice and mint


Peach schnapps, Cranberry juice, Apple juice, ginger, malibu

Non Alcoholic Cocktails
Caribbean Shanty
Chilled lemonade, ginger-ale, orange juice, bitters topped with ice

Palladium Sunrise
Schweppes orange, cream soda and lots of ice

Schweppes orange and cherry plum
Ruzawi Water